Third Person Shooter Kit


Third Person Shooter Kit serves as a base for third person shooter game. It's a 100% blueprint project, with detailed features level and notes inside blueprints. It contains advanced mechanics like cover system and robust AI. It's a remake of Side Scroller Shooter Kit which I released in August 2016.

Major features:
• cover system
• human AI
• quick time events system ( single input, hold button, press buttons in order in limited time, press buttons quickly number of times in limited time)
• ladder and ledge climbing
• stealth kill
• melee attacks for player and AI
• close up and normal aiming
• pathnode animation system for AI
• UI (health, ammo, weapon type)
• main menu - (select level, persistent options, quit)
• example campaign framework

Technical Details

• Running
• Crouching
• Sprinting
• Jumping
• Slide
• Vault for player and AI
• Side kick attack for player and AI
• Crouching walk
• Rolling (during close up aiming and normal aiming)

- Orienting character's upper body based on mouse position
- Shooting (while idle, running, jumping and crouching)
- Guns - assault rifle, pistol, shotgun, silenced pistol
- Weapons change
- Weapons reload (for player and AI)
- Weapons infinite ammo feature
- Gun recoil
- Cover system - blind shooting
- Decals on bullet hit points
- Turret enemy
- Covering system for AI
- AI look for player after lost sight
- Objects reacting to certain type of weapon
- Demo level
- Features level
- Enemy component
- HUD hit indicator
- Deadly obstacles
- Simple checkpoint system
- Launchpad
- Pickable items - (health, ammo)
- Elevator
- Pathnode animation system for human AI
- Gamepad support for gameplay
- Save game framework
- Pause menu
- Laser sight
- Camera system - camera moving smoothly to destination when player enters trigger
- Flying bot enemy
- Flying pulsing plasma enemy
- Spawn drop component
- Loot objects
- Player movement make noise which can alarm enemies - can be applied for run, sprint, jump land and crouch walk - each can have diffrent noise range
- Exploding barrel
- Button panel with IK targeting
- Physical material which make noise and alert enemies
- Enemies are able to alarm each other
- Destroyable cover points and vault for AI
- Shield for enemies with autoregenerated health
- Surveillance camera
- Dissolve material function
- Dynamic input change
- Enemies presets
- HUD notification

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