UE4.18_Point Clouds Morphing

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    Point Clouds Morphing - smooth points transition from one figure to another. Points placed at the vertex coordinates. You can bake your custom form based on your static mesh.
    99% Calculation on GPU and very fast. No particle systems used. 100% blue print based. You can bake your own static mesh to cloud textures.

    Maximum mesh coordinate size from -32767 to 32767


    - 1 to 16384 points
    - Bake system included
    - Color, Opacity, Emissive power and Scale transitions are supported
    - Blue print interface
    - No external software required - only UE and your static mesh
    - Wave zoom and position distortions additional effects
    - Two demo maps
    - Multi sections mesh is supported
    Adjustable parameters:
    - Points count
    - Points size (advanced version)
    - Show time
    - Morph speed
    - Point size
    - BoundBox size
    - Zoom wave
    - Distortion
    - Color with opacity, Emissive power, Scale

    Update v1.2 info:
    - fixed rendering issue on PlayStation4
    - added advanced version with per cloud particle size transition. Now you can specify diffrent pariticle size per clouds
    - added new demo map for advanced version
    - minor shader optimization for basic version

    Technical Details

    Number of Meshes: 10
    Number of Textures: 8
    Texture Resolution: 8 x 256x256
    Number of Materials: 1
    Number of Blueprints: 1
    Documentation included: Yes
    Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: No
    Engine Compatibility: 4.14.3, 4.15.1,4.16
    Platforms Tested: Windows, PS4
    Intended Platform: Windows, PS4, Xbox One
    Documentation Included: Yes

    LINK: 5.61Mb
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    Есть ли версия 4.18?
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