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    A Modular Sci Fi Interior Kit.
    The Stasis Pack is a modular Sci Fi Interior Kit. 22 highly adjustable, substance based, pbr materials. Alter anything from roughness values, wear, dirt, grime, texture resolution and lighting color from inside the editor. Materials require use of the substance plugin. Textures are available upon request but will not have the same adjustable ability as the substances. Includes 58 custom models that can be used to create anything from hallway sets to small/large room interiors. LOD's on models where applicable.

    Technical Details

    54 Assets:
    - 37 Models (Average Tri count is 735 ranging from under 100 to 3,756 with LOD work on objects where applicable)
    - 12 Decals
    - 3 Blueprints (doors & spline based pipes/tubing)
    - 22 Materials

    Supported Engine Versions
    4.7 - 4.14

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